Indie Games Mexico

Early Days

The ambitious idea of creating something (Indie Games Mexico) was conceived in december 2015 by Esther Lozano, Juan Ibarra and Miguel Velez who share a background in computer science and a passion for video games. It all started as a desire to have an enthusiastic community and space in the region for video game development where people can share ideas, participate in projects and learn from each other.

The founders started to work on a game themselves to put their names outhere and people started to notice and gain interest in the project. The game Field Rivals which is now the company's flagship, received positive feedback among the community and events such as PaxWest in Seattle WA and Gamacon in Tijuana B.C. As a result the company decided to formalize Indie Games Mexico.

This is how it all started

And it evolved to

As we started to make a name for ourselves, people from different backgrounds like artists, musicians and programmers decided to join forces with Indie Games Mexico.

Won Prize

Acknowledgement to our effort




A great effort is being done to release our first video game Field Rivals while also promoting video game development in our region.

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