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Characters and attributes

By Ricardo Ibarra

Published at Monday August 19 - 2019

To have more diversity in our game, we decided to create 8 teams with their own personification. Each team has it’s theme, logo, stage and a captain. Depending in the team you choose your game style changes, which means some teams are more offensive (more Goals card), some teams are more defensive (more Goal keeper cards) and so on.

We will show you one team’s example and their different attributes.

The Crows

They are a British team with their captain Adam Cox, the goal keeper of the team. They are somehow defensive, with more Goal keeper cards on the deck. Their main color it’s black with a little bit of blue.


We created a city at night for the team, with some building and light posts.


Since we wanted this team to be more “edgy” we composed an alternative-rock soundtrack for the stage itself.

These were only a few of the elements for a team. We are still testing the game logic and are choosing how many types of card each team will have, so we will post the game logic in the future.

We are Indie Games México, a team dedicated to get the gaming atmosphere not only in our city (Tijuana), but also in our country. If you want to be a part of this team please contact us.

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