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  • DeveloperIndie Games Mexico
    Based in Mexico B.C
  • Release DateLate 2019
  • PlatformsPC
  • PriceTBD
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Field Rivals its a soccer video game based on cards and strategy. The objective remains the same, score goals to defeat the opponent . Not like other soccer games, winning the game requires more than soccer abilities. It requires the right strategy based on teams and dealt cards.


Each team has its own unique story and purpose for winning the championship. Somewhere down the road teams will face their antagonist rival.


  • The game is based mainly with 7 cards: Shoot, Defend, Pass, Counter, Goalkeeper, Stand and Super Shoot. All these have advantages and disadvantages to each other. Each movement between two rival cards (one play) can end with a different result, either scoring a goal, stopping a goal, blocking a play, among others.

  • It has tactical cards, these can be used before or after a play to add a secondary result and try to have the advantage over your opponent.

  • Each team has different characteristics, some can be more offensive, others can be defensive.

  • All teams have a captain, different characteristics and motives to win. Each captain has its own antagonistic rival.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Best Game" - GAMACON, May, 2018
  • Trailer presentation on panel Latinx in PAX West Seattle Washington.
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